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Oak Tree Village - Animal Park
Phone: (909)797-4420 Phone: (909)797-2311
Oak Glen Animal Park & Petting Zoo 
Open 7 days a Week - Admission $6/Person
(Get your Hand Stamped and you can re-enter all day long) - 2 Years and Older

Admission Includes: Animal Park, Petting Farm, Trout Ponds, Piglet Races
(Additional Fees for Trout Fishing)

Come visit the Oak Glen Petting Zoo. Some of our animals include ponies, goats, Pigs, horses, Llamas, a cow and many other animals for your enjoyment in the Petting Zoo. We often have baby animals for your kids to bottle feed, pet and 
lay down next to. Take a walk on our natures trail, or
stop by our trouts ponds and do some fishing.

 We look forward to seeing you at the Petting Zoo in the near future. We encourage you to bring your family, friends and kids to experience a fun 
filled day here at Oak Tree Village. 

To find out more about the Oak Glen Petting Zoo, call us at (909) 797-4420 

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