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 Apple Annies Southern California Bakery  
  Apple Annies Bakery in Southern California is in the heart of apple country. At Apple Annie's Bakery we have fresh baked apple pies, including The Original Mile High Home Made Apple Pie. We also have Cherry Pie that is made from large cherries. Our assortment of pies also includes, French Crumb Apple and Sugar Free Apple pies, as well as the Pecan Pig Out Pie, which is topped with Spiced Apples. Stop by and try our Apple Annie's Bakery Deep Dish Apple Pie, it’s baked to perfection and served with Vanilla Ice Cream.



Southern California Bakery
Our Apple Dumplings are made fresh at Apple Annies bakery in Southern California, from a whole apple that is peeled and cored, filled with brown sugar, cinnamon and secret spices, then is baked in pastry dough.

Apple Annies Bakery selection of treats also includes large Chocolate Chip and Apple Spice Cookies. To find out more, either contact us using our Apple Annies Bakery contact form or call us at 

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